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Jeff Small
Your "LAW" Lawyer


The civil appeals process begins when a client first calls, emails or walks in the door.

Assessment and Evaluation:

  • Research, evaluate and develop causes of action and defenses.
  • Analyze pertinent legal issues such as jurisdiction and venue.

Pre-Trial Preparation:

  • Research/draft pretrial motions, including jurisdiction, venue, removal and remand, summary judgment, discovery and other evidentiary issues.
  • Prepare briefing memoranda in anticipation of mediation; attend mediation.
  • Prepare preliminary draft of jury charge; assist in preparation of motions in limine.

Post-Verdict/Post Judgment:

  • Prepare/defend JNOV, new trial and other post-trial motions.
  • Assess and evaluate appellate issues.

Trial Assistance:

  • Assist with analysis and presentation of evidentiary issues.
  • Monitor evidence and error preservation
  • Research/prepare trial briefs, argue legal issues, including motions for directed verdict.
  • Prepare and argue jury charge

Appeals/Original Proceedings:

  • Analyze appellate issues
  • Draft appellate/mandamus briefing
  • Prepare/present oral argument.